Southern Cross Demoli on Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company providing an integrated range of services in specialised and di cult demoli on. We have the capacity and exper se to ful l most industrial and commercial projects regardless of their size and technical challenge.

We have over 50 years experience in the demoli on industry and in 1976 demolished the first building in Australia with the implosion method, Zarra Street Power Sta on in Newcastle. We take pride in our experience and are one of the few companies that hold specialised licencing in most states throughout Australia, including Class 1 licences for Demoli on, Asbestos removal and for the implosion of structures.

We have developed and engineered specialised demoli on methods using up-to-date technologies including implosion and induce collapse of structures. This technology gives us the versa lity to perform even the most challenging and di cult demoli on projects that other demoli on companies can’t perform.

Southern Cross Demoli on Pty Ltd and its sta have been contracted on numerous occasions to troubleshoot problems that are encountered by other demoli on companies on their projects. Our consulta on with these companies ensured the successful comple on of their projects.

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